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hi marc,
that's a challenging list of things to define ;)

in my masters i quoted roselee goldberg's book "Performance art : from
Futurism to the present" (2001) which positions "performance art" as
live art practices emerging from the field of visual arts. she states
that "[b]y its very nature, performance defies precise or easy
definition" (2001, p. 9) and admits that performance art has become "a
catch-all for live presentations of all kinds" (p. 226). the term "live
art" is used a lot in the UK & generally refers to live performance work
that has its roots in theatre, but there are plenty of artists &
collaborations who have backgrounds in both visual arts & theatre, &
often the terms are really interchangeable.

h : )

On 17/09/14 11:12 AM, marc garrett wrote:
> Hi all,
> I 'm in the middle of defining some key terms for my PhD.
> I have done this, however, I thought it may be good idea to ask those
> from the very community I'm writing about ;-)
> So, here we go. They need to be referenced somewhere...
> Definitions: terms and concepts.
> Analogue.
> Activism.
> Artivism.
> Cyberfemnism.
> Digital.
> Dirty Media.
> Hacking.
> Hacktivism.
> Glitch.
> Media Art.
> Neoliberal Paradigm.
> Net.Art
> Net Art.
> Networked Art.
> Open Source Art.
> Performance Art.
> Post-Digital.
> wishing you well.
> marc
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