[NetBehaviour] Pixel Lab #4 | HASA-labs, "Satellite Data Stream"

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Pixel Lab #4 | HASA-labs, "Satellite Data Stream"

in: Laboratoire Ouvert @ la Gaîté lyrique, Paris
*Sat. 27 Spetember*, 5PM-7PM, talk/discussion
*Sun**. 28 September*, 2PM-6PM, workshop, 5 Euros

#4 | HASA-labs (De/UK)

Hasa-labs researches combines technological and artistic experiments.
They play with the imaginary surplus produced by the affective qualities
we tend to interpret into perceiving automatons.

Machines and technology are at the heart of Hasa-Labs artistic practice,
under the form of technological apparatuses that are at the same time
sculptures, objects, and installations - machines that are turned on
themselves, like vacuum cleaners cleaning themselves.

Such machines or devices fulfil their main function for its own sake. As
such, they oscillate between utilitarian and aesthetic demands. Besides
the aesthetics of the performative, Hasa-Labs focuses on the aesthetics
of "curiosities," whose initial significance lies in their ability to
stimulate our imagination. Aided by this propensity for imagination,
which Stanislav Lem described as a “species reflex,” new types of
sense-fiction and other potential functions are generated.



Within the residency program "Laboratoire Ouvert" of la Gaîté lyrique,
Mal au Pixel proposes a series of monthly meetings in Paris, until April
2015, consisting in a public talk and a collective workshop.
Since 2006, Mal au Pixel festival is looking at connecting technology,
urban electronics and social  transformation issues, and to investigate
our contemporary beliefs. The  festival brings together young digital
artists and unconventional electronics : unexpected technologies, open
source tools, prototypes and open ended events.


11-12 October
Andy Bolus (UK.FR),Ghost Detector Synth

8-9 November
Bengt Sjölén, Tempest Aura/Tempest Radio

13-14 December
Mari Keski-Korsu & Erich Berger,DIY Geiger Counter


On Saturday, 5PM-7PM,
free access;

Sat and/or Sunday, 2PM-6PM, 5€,
Reservations = billetterie at gaite-lyrique.net;


In partnership with Pixelache Network.

With the support of the Grundtvig Foundation.



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