[NetBehaviour] FLOSS Manuals UK hub warm-up

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Fri Sep 26 11:15:56 CEST 2014

FLOSS Manuals UK hub warm-up

Larisa Blazic, Mick Fuzz and Rachel Baker.

Date: 18th October 2014, 2-6pm
Venue: Furtherfield Commons

The afternoon is convened by Larisa Blazic, Mick Fuzz and Rachel Baker.

Mick is a long-term contributor at FLOSS Manuals and community educator.

Rachel has recently undertaken a detailed study of Booksprints process.

Larisa is investigating how FLOSS tools and practices to be best 
embedded in post-graduate programmes.

Visit link for more details

FLOSS Manuals was launched by Adam Hyde in 2007 to remedy the deficit of 
good free documentation about Free Software. Our strategy since the 
beginning has been to develop communities to produce high quality free 
manuals about Free Software in their own language. Today, through the 
use of Booksprints and federated publishing techniques we have more than 
120 books in more than 30 languages and more than 4,000 contributors. 


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proud of free culture - claiming it with others ;)

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