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Artist Brief: Hacking the Archives – Surveillance and cyber security
Opportunity for Artists
Salt road, Being Human Festival and the University of London’s School of
Advanced Study are seeking
exciting and innovative proposals from programmers, digital and moving
image installation based artists
who are inspired by working with collections. The ACE funded Hacking the
Archives offers an
opportunity for artists to create new artwork based on research collections
of national importance, and
to exhibit that work as part of Being Human, the UK’s first national
festival of the humanities.
We are commissioning of a range of artists to respond to the Mass
Observation Archive, Sussex
University and the Ministry of Information collection at the University of
London. Curated artists and
programmers are invited to make artwork through on‐line and off‐line
hacking sessions with the
archives. The artworks will be displayed as part of a site‐specific
exhibition and architectural projections
based in Senate House, University of London.
Artists Commissions
We would like to receive a range of proposals from artists with their
initial ideas and responses to
working with these collections ‐ in the form of digital art and moving
image installations, work created
will be displayed on the Being Human and Mass‐Observation archive websites.
There are two sets of
commission opportunities for artists and programmers:

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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