[NetBehaviour] Open Source Fermentation from Leila + Cary of EcoArtTech (EAT)

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For the attention of any New Yorkers!
looks like wholesome fun
: )R





Hi friends:
We are writing to introduce you to *OS Fermentation*,**part of 
EcoArtTech's new series of social sculptures working collaboratively 
with local communities to resuscitate historic food practices and to 
remediate what we call "industrial-food amnesia." We hope that you enjoy 
the images of OS Fermentation's first iterations last summer and that 
you might join us this Saturday, October 4, for the next OS Fermentation 
Workshop in NYC at Clayton Williams Community Garden, 2-5pm, as part of 
Hyperplace Harlem's Biodiversity Workshops (info below). Please click 
"display images" above if you can't see our pics!

The OS Fermentation Workshop is a slow-cooking class, a healing ritual, 
and a human-microbial collaboration. Here Leila leads our first OS 
Fermentation Workshop at e-flux this past August. The event was part of 
e-flux's Summer Mondays series and the Agency of Unrealized Projects, 
curated by Amanda Parmer.

The OS Fermentation installation combines live ferments, computer 
sensors, and custom software/electronics to make fermentation's subtle 
revolutions of pH, oxygen, and color visible to the human eye in a 
series of collectible prints--not to mention lots of taste-testing of 
unique, wild-fermented alcoholic concoctions, like blueberry cacao mead, 
on opening night! In June, we débuted the first iteration of the OS 
Fermentation installation at Smack Mellon for the FOODshed exhibition, 
curated by Amy Lipton.

Raspberry Mead, 2014
Archival giclee print, 20 x 30 inches



More info and images: http://ecoarttech.org/projects/fermentation/ 

Please join us at the next *OS Fermentation Workshop* this Saturday, 
October 4, 2-5pm, for *Hyperplace Harlem's Biodiversity Workshops*, 
sponsored by Canary Project, at Clayton Williams Community Garden. 
Workshop participants will make their own fermented vegetable mix to 
take home and enjoy within 10 days, at which point you will be giving 
your immune and digestive systems a healthy boost of natural, wild 
intestinal flora!

This is our first e-newsletter ever even though we have been collecting 
emails for many years. We don't want to bother you, so if you prefer not 
to receive news from us, please hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the 
subject line and we'll unsubscribe you from future mailings.

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