[NetBehaviour] Promissory

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Aug 3 04:44:08 CEST 2015



It's not as if there isn't a picture to lure you in; I might
have made one from a screenshot of this very text, it would have
been duplicated, letter by letter, you might have seen it as an
echo or other resonant form; instead I'm at a loss, what sort of
lure might work, for example something so strong that it would
make you want to give up your home, your friends, your country,
and go, and live in the desert, and kill people; this could be a
promissory note that you would go to heaven or live eternally in
a god's paradise, this very statement might do it for you, in,
in the form of an image, of text, no other images are allowed,
would you leave, then, now, would you wait, until the morning,
what would you take, with you, do you know the journey, the
danger, the morning, the evening, prayer, the prayer at midday,
the people who would help you, those who would be a danger to
you, those who would not help you, those who would trust you and
those who would not, the desert awaits you, it reaches out, to
you, with its heat, its thirst, its scorched lands, its tombs,
to be destroyed, to be forgotten, it reaches out to you from
town to town, market to market, cave to cave, people, waiting
for you, with open arms, fearful of you, of your power, of your
blade, your transmission, your signal, hordes, this is the
promissory, the permission slip, the license, to leave, to
worship, attain, to kill, to be killed, to attenuate, to come
forth, to relieve, by night, by day, to withdraw, to cut
through, to cut out, cut across, to carry, to be carried, to
come, to arrive, to have arrived, to go, to be gone, to be gone

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