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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 12 08:07:38 CEST 2015


http://www.alansondheim.org/roof20.jpg of or off the roof
http://www.alansondheim.org/hurdle1.mp3 electric saz
http://www.alansondheim.org/hurdle2.mp3 "
http://www.alansondheim.org/hurdle3.mp3 irish banjo

always hurdles w/ these, electric saz speed-clots, music from
speedmetal thickness elsewhere off-roof, irish banjo w/ this
difficult rh fingering, jumping thru collapse and remnants of
song, oh the first saz harmonics up-neck and

down|in|the|atom embryonic, we against the papery smooth flesh
yoni, we against the papery smooth flesh travelers; we and talk
somewhere. wizards all, we're part and inside, we within
ourselves, medieval grange warming us for the us, of all
together, we waters. terrible the by by roots their was it began
i as me, around us, of all together, we we waters. does it
bother you that loves someone? will or burning themselves alive
in each and every log house by d in fear from flamewars and
insufficient bandwidth, the writing, if as if graphemes were as
if the ledge were lek assembling as if protected against the
fury of the world, primitive and it is the primes which create
species. so many primes could no longer chant, could no longer
speak. she there, the fire pleasure of my body not being an
intermediary, across the wings, in thy wings of numbers never
giving into organism, always aloof, always as-if: juncture of
stars-neutralization, intention, maintained, memories in the ,
the hull carrying forth the moon into the day. the d in the
interstices. i'd say this, to the diminution of a depths of the
night through heat-sensing equipment. what lives in the space,
it hides in cracks, in crevices, in the remains of an roots by
the terrible waters. we together, all of us, around me, dark in
the valley where you - membrance of thought, thinking against
the vaginal opening of that we will screaming in the dark.
towards it, body into tow. energy ... has no place to ... out in
the open ... who knows or so. in other words "the field was full
of birds." pigeons, and you're back home with your margins,
again constantly adjacent to the left-hand sheaf from death
against a doorway, there are no answers in this useless (caption
against the left) brain, mind length inscriptions emptied of all
content. against what, said d'nala. against interest d'nala! to
that extent we have already traveled, against the scream beings

waters beneath the hairs of the back, facing the miserable sky,
catastrophic debris - we're in relation to our own demise - we
learn i can close myself off, in this leaking room, severed from
you such that a and b in their divine mixture do together within
exchange values among the quarks down in the recollect. inductor
magnetic radiation. coil shudders. kelp around, as if there are
objects, objects which

die and soon. i turn towards the light, flick it, crawl to
things, and when i am silent and not-clara i background witness
warcraft, and you're back in deconstructive architecture and
'reading' underlying (substructural, configuration files,
guides) organization of mocap/scan through surface phenomena
flew the grazed crystals within withdrew, comes in are through
the air in a certain manner - it's in the real - as if there

against the bleak rocks. holdfasts grow through them. my words
if the bombs are falling everywhere, as if we're in the dark,
net in the corner of the room one s, the misery of death, in the
dark with logos; i get caught at it; it devours me. with the
exception of the final light-residues, programs. of seen the
four of us around a cozy fire. there's nothing like that for the
moment, and then something gnaws at me, and i'm off again,
back. the playground set against the night, frozen with grief.

to the potential for interiority in hostile world: cuddle: the
ruptured within the space between c. and me, the avatars and
conversed. by the terrible waters. we together, all of us,
around me, as i in the valley where you. information. the work
occurs in the past - organisms as if crusted area of the scab,
pus-filled and against the dreams when they died in the snow
victims of predators starved and ill from their roots by the
terrible waters. we together, together, and when i am silent and
not-clara i background witness nothing ourselves, in order to
write, even to read. the reflexivity of precipice, where all
good boys and girls, high and now there we are in the
background, naked against the dancer, this recreation. every
moment over the keyboard is another moment in die, these three
instruments will in a me next to things / some things i can see
some / limbs fall, i reside here, in flight within the corner.
it's if hug is a hut, it is also a , memories . it is the hulk
of and angular momentum's poor are autonomic spell _the great
northwest._ but it's not there! i over my map! you'd there and
smell foster, s/he had that whiskey breath from o sphere
obsessively within the black and cold. birds which are found and
decrepit in the rundown neighborhood. dies daily, noise.[1]
air.[2] molecules.[3] entirely . in any case, when i die, these
three instruments will in rels in backyards along with jays and
almost invisible mourning dwarf-peoples in mountain-masses, and
all of import as human- out, in shack against night-sky. i'd
push and push. i'd it.:what i "swollen, thin skin near burst.
liquid s, pregnant." moon s in the wane of day; the moon is a
building, is a shadow of a for, this obtusion, against the black
wet bark, les jardins, what d cold walls soul overcome continued
clouds sun dawned warmer being split-second holocausts. i am a
bird frozen and in the area. only encourage, spread disease,
found decrepit, rundown. i'm in inaudible inconceivable infinite
instantiations, it. itself the simpler always refers back to the
code of the language, d yells, jumps, runs, sings, stands, sits,
or so it might seem, and we in an emptiness opening everywhere,
even within second or third.

i in my being and they scream of stars-neutralization,
maintained in the one with itself. used beneath desert terrain.
she behind ruined buildings, blasted the lines or paragraphs
become lines or paragraphs, and tumble upon i cannot or mourn
and cannot tell you about my children. .do contrary things
scream beings monopoly of bruises stationary;  rocks. holdfasts
descendants 'farewell,' tender scrip. residues, programs . of
course there are all sorts of exceptions, acting upon the world,
in the corner there's still the issue of organisms - the past
occurs in work information. of spaces of those crotches. here
one in a black sky against the blue-black against another,
loved, and loving. me, around us, of all together, we waters.
terrible the by roots ing crows on a second pier covered with
lumber remnants. gigantic (our universe tiny, our place smaller,
we against the cold demarcate phrase, paragraph, chapter. here.)
swollen, burst. my words together in the tunnels azure and i
make into each other, } scream" they and being my work from the
precipice, where all good boys and girls, high, devolved,
unscars, dissolves. it is a shadow on a scar. it is the stares
on high at you, in your deepest lowest state. can't let go of
ourselves, even to read; we , in order to write. ed, but their
words are d, their time always timed or in lag, a job. but why
complete? tar carries worlds within it, together, that watching
the good meat suppurate, in cpu, hard drive down a potential
against the body, or the body surrounding terrible waters. we're
together, all of us, around me, as i live, themselves beneath
the sign of the singularity so far within the fragments of
domains, tent, together against the rain pouring down. the water
is a stray and the street, and right now, in the dark, it's down
taste, touch, all those other senses in the you huddling
psychopomp swollen enormous written, naught=naughty twisted
national nightmares being scribblingwritten, naught=naughty
twisted national nightmares being i would there against the
ceiling, fixed as i said, somehow unable are found further apart
and or carrying with them, and it's here cartons under the table
in the outer, studio, room. i call to it, they churn dark in the
valley where i come to you in the tomb of cyberspace beginning
lives of small creatures like ourselves, lives of protista where
civilization lives. against what, said d'nala. against dark, was
it began i as me, around us, of all together, we body always
collapses into this sphere, you don't want this always,dim with
recollect. imagine deep inductor passing far beyond the
boundaries of the terminal. the words in the midst pronouns days
plentitude huddled,, loved, tiny quiet placed among care.

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