[NetBehaviour] Will Pappenheimer's Pulsar and the Accompaniment of the World

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Aug 21 05:30:45 CEST 2015

Will Pappenheimer's Pulsar and the Accompaniment of the World


Pappenheimer's Incredible Beauties!

For credits let's just say something like your title with Will
Pappenheimer's "Pulsar Bodies" floating in augmented reality

Title from Will Pappenheimer's Pulsar Bodies floating all around
me, so there's the use of it all, could be crop circles nearby.

Not sure I mentioned it.

It was magical like the Sound of Music because you can hear the
"sound of music" in it.

Not to mention (see above) the severe storm making everything
more of a problem than problematic.

We reserved ourselves for "the exploit."

In this version added reverberation, the mountains didn't do
their part, high frequency resonance echoing but with a far too
short decay time. Will said, go into the forest, up the road, by
the pond, in the thicket, around the trees, under the stones, in
the caves, wonderful echoes that return "until the end of time";
I pointed out that the end of time happened fifteen minutes ago
but something is watching further developments.

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