[NetBehaviour] Aljazeera and Koons?

none aha at aharonic.net
Sat Aug 22 21:02:38 CEST 2015


Might interest, a somehow curious interview with JK:

Reminded me a recent chat I have had, with a certain Berlin based curator,
who assured in no uncertain terms:
"I Know these people [rulers of Gulf states] are despots. They are not
very nice people. They have slaves and they are brutal towards any
opposition. They run lawless states where rules are arbitrary and many
people get hurt. They treat women worst than objects and are a bunch of
some of the worst people I can think of. HOWEVER, they give money to art!
They think of art only in terms of money. With them, if I want to do a
project, we are talking hundreds of thousands of Euros, sometimes millions
- not crumbs like 5k euros here and there. So.. Should I not work for

Mind, the person I spoke before that, told me about Mafia funded
galleries.. In some ways, it was a sort of preparation..

Should really stay clear from curiously looking openings in places am
clueless about.. ;)

Cheers and Have fun!!


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