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> you have not heard of the thousands and millions of refugees and migrants
> who are flooding into northwest Europe from the middle east, africa, and
> the balkans (e.g. Kosovo) ? there are more than 1.5. million

I had some vague notions of parts of it. I knew about the palestinians, was
unsure of the status of the balkans, and had no sense the scale of those
leaving syria.

Of course, as soon as I went looking, the very first article on al jazeera
declared "the greatest migration crisis in europe since world war 2...
there are 20 million people waiting at the doorsteps to europe."

I have been on a mass-media diet lately, but most of the international news
coming to me is about greece and couched as a stand-off with germany - not
entirely unrelated- nor is trumps immigration statements, or npr's recent
story on migration of louisiana residents as the bayou slowly floods.

In terms of the objects of persuasion I wrote about in a previous email -
everyone wants a better life. When the path to a better life shifts, 1 mile
or 1000 miles away, the person will move. I know that sounds like an
oblique over-generalization, perhaps even uncompassionate towards those
that are moving for dire reasons.

Regardless of why someone migrates - where they move to, even how they make
their way, depends on what they hope to find, their priorities, their

Do you know why the calais refugees are so fixated on britain instead of
france? I do not - from their perspective, both are of equivalent
affluence- but somehow britian offers some value beyond wealth - what is
that allure?

In consideration,
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