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Yes - the only philosophy we need on this, though, is "open the borders, let them in!"michael

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it's shocking to hear of so many people fleeing Syria and other countries. what kind of world is this where they are turned away.
meanwhile in Australia, our borders are shamefully, effectively closed to refugees, our prime minister is now considering supporting US with air strikes in Syria and his 'border force' team are planning on checking everyone's visas in Melbourne CBD on the weekend. it's like they think we're in 1939 Germany or something.
I hope something can be done to help the refugees. it seems like a forced population shift is going on atm
I haven't read the philosophers' take on it all.


On 28 August 2015 at 11:19, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

which in a weird way is why I hate theory - sure the whole economy is going towards Franciscan, everyone will wise up, I don't know how this connects to anything but I don't know how Zizek connects to anything, all this theory, people being slaughtered in the meantime -

- Alan, if you do get more insight into Agamben please publish, thanks

On Thu, 27 Aug 2015, Johannes Birringer wrote:

dear BishopZ you have not heard of the thousands and millions of refugees and migrants who are flooding into northwest Europe from the middle east, africa, and the balkans (e.g. Kosovo) ? there are more than 1.5. million refugees alone trying to leave Syria and Iraq. Have you heard of refugee camps being attacked by right wing radicals, who fought police in east germany last week, and the turmoil at the camps in Calais?

strangely, philosophers are writing their comments, and today V. Agamben published an interview calling for "Europe must collapse" and suggesting a new refuge or exit policy, that he calls 'd?soeuvrement' or 'inoperosit?' (destitution or deactivation of the economy, the law, biology). I have not really a clear idea what that means, but the examples given are the Fransiccan monks and the idea of withdrawal to poverty and automomy in a cloister. I do not know how this connects to the US election campaign, sorry.

Johannes Birringer


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