[NetBehaviour] plucking live in Bristol a full song

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 23:50:14 CEST 2015

Full track live video, with further interventions somewhere “along the time coast” 


Plucking away at the strings
Plucking with flesh on nickel

Like in 1979
In Carlisle
At the Triple ‘CCC’ club
A hard-nut club
As the name suggests
An “arts social’ event
Before I went to art college
More than a decade before that

Flash forward to 1992
Chelsea College of Art
Kings Road
The tutors just said “have you looked at such and such, or so and so…?”
When I presented them with The Idea
Nicked a suit from a charity shop and
Covered people in coloured packing tape
While projecting Canary Wharf at the audience
Right in the retina
To push home the point

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