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there is an artfair right now in Marseille - artorama - and this year you
can really feel the post int aesthetics influence and strangly as if i saw
it too much already, it looked very dated to me as a fashion you already
saw too much...  - hypster beards -

there are artists i love who are related to this "label" and there are many
wannabee artists and followers who are just repeating patterns in order to
get in the artmarket, does it also happen in Mumblecore?

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2015-08-31 5:39 GMT+02:00 Patrick Lichty <pl at voyd.com>:

> A question I posed on Facebook (refined):
> Taking in consideration things like Carla Gannis¹ ³Ways of Whatever²,
> Is Postinternet Art Media Art¹s Mumblecore?
> I¹ll just leave this here.
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