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Polytech.Science.Art Week 2015

December, 7-13, 2015 

An annual festival week dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration between art, science and technologies is held by the program of Polytechnic museum "Polytech.Science.Art” in partnership with the Museum of contemporary art “Garage” Polytech.Science.Art Week presents workshops, discussions, lections, shows and audiovisual performances as well as the final "Polytech.Science.Art” program exhibition of the year. Among participants of Polytech.Science.Art Week there are artists, researches and process designers from Russia and other countries.

One of the key events of Polytech.Science.Art Week is a series of dialogs dedicated to ethic problems in modern science and high-tech art with the participation of Joanna Zylinska, artist, writer, curator, professor of New Media and communications department at Goldsmiths and Dmitry Bulatov as moderator, one of the leading researchers of science art in Russia. Joanna Zylinska will also present a public lecture on «Bioethics and new technologies» on December, 9, 2015.

December, 10-11 Hrvoj Hirsl, artist from Croatia, will hold “Algoresearch systems” workshop together with Spanish programmer and engineer Louis Rodil-Fernandez. Both of them will present lectures “Visual and audio geometry” and “Critical approach to technologies”.

December, 12 premier show of “Self-organization” performance – project started as a part of “Polytech.Science.Art at Strelka Insitute» at summer, 2015 as initiative of Olga Kiseleva, artist, professor and Head of Art and Science Department of Sorbonne University. Performance is realized by the Laboratory of Interactive Performance of Polytechnic museum (Russia) in cooperation with media artist and composer Alexey Epishev and choreographer and producer Julia Chekmas. 

Everyday final evening part of Polytech.Science.Art Week will be audiovisual performance by both debutants, young authors and famous electronic musicians: Abelle, Gunnar Haslam, Art Crime, New Composers and many others. Visualization of music performances will be designed by Russian video artists directly during Polytech.Science.Art Week – December, 8 the project Audiovision Lab (curators Natalia Fuchs and Alexey Cherbina) starts through participation of Julien Vulliet, one of the programmers of vvvv platform, Alexandra Gavrilova and Ekaterina Dmitrieva.

The curator of “Polytech.Science.ArtWeek” is Natalia Fuchs, art historian (MediaArtHistories, Donau Universitаt, Austria) and specialist in cultural management (Cultural Management, University of Manchester), curator of inter-disciplinary projects of Polytechnic museum and «Polytech.Science.Art» program 

“Polytech.Science.Art» program of Polytechnic museum: Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, Russia, has been launched “Polytech.Science.Art” dedicated to one of the most significant phenomenon of contemporary culture—interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and technology specialists. The program started in 2014 during which time several dozens of workshops, open lectures and performances by media artists, researches and designers from different countries were held. The program consists of educational, research, exhibition and other experimental projects through participation of international and Russian experts. Among workshop participants there are media artists, technology specialists, researchers who work at collaborative projects in groups. All workshops and public events are free on conditions of pre-registration and after participation in competition. In 2015 “Polytech.Science.Art” program of Polytechnic museum became a finalist of “Inter-Museum” competition as “The best educational project” and got a diploma of Russian Culture Ministry. 

Polytech.Science.Art Week December, 7 – 13, 2015
Museum of Contemporary Art «Garage»Educational centre

Entrance free on condition of pre-registration (compulsory registration): psa2015.polymus.ru


Monday, December, 7, 2015
20.00 Exhibition opening «The origins of new». The final year exhibition of “Polytech.Science.Art” program of 2015 through participation of Anastasia Kizilova (Russia), ::vtol: (Russia), Elena Nikonorova (Russia), Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Vasiliy Dmitriev (Russia) and other authors. The exhibition will continue till December, 20, 2015.Program of the opening includes audiovisual performance «Synesthetic symphony» – Peter Kirn (USA/Germany), ::vtol:: (Russia), Julia Gluhova (Russia)

Tuesday, December, 8, 2015
10.00 - 20.00 Audiovision Lab. Workshop with the participation of Alexandra Gavrilova (Russia), Julien Vulliet (France), Ekaterina Danilova (Russia)
22.00 “Music and technologies”. Abelle (Russia)

Wednesday, December, 9, 2015
12.00 - 19.00 “Ethic problems: modern techno-scientific culture”. Series of dialogues in the field of ethics, bioethics, biotechnologies, science and techno art. Among the participants there are Pavel Tichenko (Russia), Joanna Zylinska (Poland/UK), Alexander Efremov (Russia), Olga Kiseleva (France), Dmitry Alexeev (Russia). Moderator – Dmitry Bulatov (Russia).
20.00 “Bioethics in the age of new media”. Lection by Joanna Zylinska (Poland/UK)22.00 “Music and technologies”. Supercollider session (Russia)

Thursday, December, 10, 2015
11.00 - 19.00 Workshop “Algoresearch systems ”. Hrvoje Hirsl (Croatia), Luis Rodil-Fernandez (Spain/Netherlands)
20.00 “Visual and audio geometry”. Meet-the-artist event with Hrvoje Hirsl (Croatia)
22.00 “Music and technologies”. Gunnar Haslam (USA)

Friday, December, 11, 2015
11.00 - 18.00 Workshop “Algoresearch systems ”. Hrvoje Hirsl (Croatia), Luis Rodil-Fernandez (Spain/Netherlands)
19.00 Final presentation of “Algoresearch systems ” workshop . Hrvoje Hirsl (Хорватия), Luis Rodil-Fernandez (Spain/Netherlands)
20.00 “Critical approach to technologies”. Lection by Luis Rodil-Fernandez (Spain/Netherlands)
22.00 “Music and technologies”. Synaesthesia band (Mexico/Russia)

Saturday, December, 12, 2015
19.00 “Self-organization” performance. Session 1
20.00 “Self-organization” performance. Session 2
21.00 “Self-organization” performance. Session 3
Performance is presented by Art and Science Department of Sorbonne University (France) and Laboratory of interactive performance of Polytechnic museum (Russia). The project is realized with the participation of Nanolaboratory of Sorbonne University (France)
22.00. “Music and technologies”. Art Crime (Russia)

Sunday, December, 13, 2015
16.00 “Art and science. Visualization or interpretation?” Open discussion. Participants: Ilya Zacharov, Maria Bulatova, Julia Chekmas, Alexey Epishev, Ivan Konstantinov, Marta Rukazenkova, Elena Demidova (all- Russia). Moderator: Natalia Fuchs (Russia).
19.00 “Art integration with science and society”. Meet-the-artist event with Manuela Naveau, curator of exhibition projects of Ars electronica festival (Austria). 
20.30 Ars Electronica Animation Festival. Videoshow of the winners of animation festival Ars electronica 2015. 
22.00. “Music and technologies”. New composers (Россия)

Full information — psa2015.polymus.ru

Polytech.Science.Art Week 2015 is organized with participation of the festival Ars Electronica (Austria), International festival of contemporary music & media art MIGZ (Russia) and design bureau “Prometheus” (Russia) Polytechnic museum thanks the Embassy of Mexico, the Embassy of France, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Polish Cultural Centre, the Embassy of Croatia and “Croatia house” fund for support of the visits of the participants of Polytech.Science.Art Week 2015.
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