[NetBehaviour] Galleries and digital work

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Fri Dec 4 05:37:12 CET 2015

On 03/12/15 07:34 AM, dave miller wrote:
> "What if an artist’s work doesn’t fit - architecturally, conceptually,
> traditionally - within a gallery’s programme? Increasing numbers of
> artists working in socially engaged practice - where communities and
> individual people, often unrelated to the arts, form the material and
> outcome of a practice. Many are involved in this work as a reaction to
> the elite audiences who still mostly attend art galleries in the UK.
> Performance and moving image have long been difficult to place in
> galleries - from audience low engagement to alienating and uncomfortable
> display methods - with digital work almost entirely ignored...."
> http://www.artquest.org.uk/articles/view/the_gallery_problem_or_what_artists_can_do_when_their_work_doesnt_fit_in_ga

Reading the article they're historically literate so I wonder what
timescale they regard the rise of social practice as covering. The
art-and-social-practice of the 60s and 70s managed to produce fetishes
for the gallery for example.

The mentioned report -


sounds interesting but it requires Flash to read.

- Rob.

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