[NetBehaviour] PREVENT meet KAREN

John Hopkins chazhop at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 06:46:08 CET 2015

Ei Roger!

> It is so laughable and out of touch (like the crusty conservative politicians
> that concocted it) that the media actually had a field day sending it up, but
> it at least highlights how some in government would like to use the current
> political situation around terrorism to shut down debate about their own
> agendas.

It's far easier to keep people bound to 'normative' behavior through the potent 
mechanism of capitalist/consumerist living and media propaganda ... here in the 
US now, the media frenzy, something I thought to be already far over the top 30 
years ago simply intensifies its hysteria each week. Social media screens keeps 
so many completely distracted *from* the reality of life in front of them that 
the authenticity of community and the characteristics that community depends on 
-- empathy, diversity of thought, tolerance -- are shoved out the window.

Very disheartening.

And all the while those in power simply use what power they have to secure more, 
period. No thoughts to distribute power, to give it back to the people.

argh, I don't like to think about it -- as I'm working now on redeveloping a 
systems-thinking-based curriculum and action plan for http://ecosa.org in 
'regenerative design', the organization's founder's specialty. However, when I 
really think about what's going on in the world, I find it hard to remain 
optimistic in order to be able to pass some optimism on to younger folks. Maybe 
we need to go far beyond optimism/pessimism/cynicism -- to a more radical state 
of being.

I like Martin Buber's idea that it is the dynamic of humane encounter/dialogue 
that reality is created (which suggests that the 'reality' formed of the 
'mediasphere' is a false reality or even no reality at all!). If we all go 
around focusing on authentic and humane contact, regardless of the 'status' of 
the Other, maybe we can repair/transcend/change the global situation.

As for KAREN, seems like the pols clearly don't understand that such moves are 
exactly the bullshit that could (will!) send some people over the top in violent 
reaction. The disconnectedness of the pols will be their demise! (those riding 
the tiger will end up inside!)...

anyway, a few musings from a cold and brilliant desert night.


PS -- and, Roger, I must say I was inspired to have met a young woman at UTS 
back when volunteering at the UTS food coop who did, in fact, fit the bill as 
'Karen' quite nicely! I thought, 'good on ya' for actually taking radical enviro 
actions based on her passionate beliefs that those in power were essentially 
raping the land! -- we had some interesting discussions over the course of about 
six months.

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