[NetBehaviour] The Wrong -- Encontres e-rregulars#1 -- HANGAR (BCN)

JOANA joanamoll at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 18:38:15 CET 2015

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Dear Spectres,

On Friday 11th of December HANGAR (Barcelona) will host the first
session of  “Encontres e-rregulars”. The “Encontres e-rregulars unfold
as a space for debate and ecounter aimed at exploring tactics capable of
reflexively react to the urgencies opened by the current digital
paradigm from the artistic practices.

The first session of Encontres e-rregulars is dedicated to the latest
edition of "The Wrong, New digital Digital Art Biennale", a
fundamentally digital event that brings together hundreds of artists and
curators from dozens of countries. The event intends to open a space to
share and reflect on the works, codes and convergent practices in "The
Wrong", which suggest and point out practices that escape from the
orthodox channels of contemporary art.

This activity takes place within the framework of the European project

Guest lecturers: David Quiles Guillo, Roc Herms, Joana Moll, Andreu
Belsunces and Mario Santamaría & Cesar Escudero Andaluz.

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All the best,

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