[NetBehaviour] Blockchain / intellectual property / media art talk --- video

Martin Zeilinger martin.j.zeilinger at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 13:53:14 CET 2015

Last month at the Media Art Histories conference in Montreal I gave a talk
on efforts to use blockchain technology for the creation of proprietary
digital media art markets, and I just realized they put a video online.
Might be of interest to some on this list. Shout-out to Rob Myers who's
referenced extensively towards the end (I think Patrick Lichty texted you
some photos during my presentation, so you might already know about this.)
My talk begins at the 19'30" mark of the video.

Martin Zeilinger
Lecturer in Media
Dept. of English and Media
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge/UK
http://tiny.cc/mz-aru | http://marjz.net/
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