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john, evolution and change are not only possible, they are inevitable.
there was a time before these systems existed (not really so long ago,
in the greater scheme of things) and there will be a time after.
unfortunately it probably won't be in our life time & i'm not placing
any bets on how long it will take, or what it will be replaced with, but
that's no reason not to strive for something better.

your eternal optimist,
h : )

On 9/12/15 2:51 49AM, John Hopkins wrote:
> On 08/Dec/15 16:59, Ana Valdés wrote:
>> Women from Afghanistan Congo Bosnia and Armenia shared with us dark
>> stories
>> of rape forced marriages and impunity we need to strengthen the civil
>> societies the question is how to achieve it? If the changes are made
>> with
> Certainly fixing these problems is not compatible with any
> fundamentalist religious system -- good luck changing that -- here in
> the US, the idiots on the 'christian' fundamentalist right have been
> and are actively tearing down what seems to be a thin veneer that
> represents all the gains of civil society of the last 50 years. I
> can't imagine that this is going to be 'easier' in the context of
> radical Islamic situations, or even 'normal' Islamic societies. When
> the religious system has already in place a rigid mapping of civil
> relation and law, I don't believe an 'evolution' or 'change' is
> possible. This would apply to all Abrahamic religions at least, and
> many others as well. I don't see any possibility of evolution when
> 'the Law' is 'the Law'. Is it possible to change such social systems?
> If someone says 'yes', I'd like to hear the plan...
> jh

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