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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 9 22:16:05 CET 2015

Just wanted to say the walks are beautiful, intense, disturbing; I love 
the desert myself -

On Wed, 9 Dec 2015, John Hopkins wrote:

> Hi Helen --
>> john, evolution and change are not only possible, they are inevitable.
>> there was a time before these systems existed (not really so long ago,
>> in the greater scheme of things) and there will be a time after.
>> unfortunately it probably won't be in our life time & i'm not placing
>> any bets on how long it will take, or what it will be replaced with, but
>> that's no reason not to strive for something better.
> Yes, you are right, that evolution/change is inevitable. I am definitely a 
> believer in change being the only thing that doesn't change! In the big 
> picture, we are an influential-but-transitory species on the planet. Maybe 
> it's more of an existential question -- how it is that human behavioral 
> evolution proceeds so slowly, & while we are blessed/cursed with this 
> extremely short existence during which we have to come to terms with glacial 
> change rates (no pun intended)...
> It's hard to remain optimistic given the harsh polarization and primitive 
> undercurrents of hate-of-the-Other that surface here in the US these days, 
> especially when fiscal precarity dogs each day. Art-making seems so 
> peripheral and irrelevant within such a system. My only respite is walking 
> deep into the desert, though even there the war machines are evident...
> http://tech-no-mad.net/blog/archives/12123
> http://tech-no-mad.net/blog/archives/8996
> http://tech-no-mad.net/blog/archives/2655
> http://tech-no-mad.net/blog/archives/46007
> etc
> So it goes.
> JH
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