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John Hopkins chazhop at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 06:30:47 CET 2015

Hei Alan -

> Where are you located exactly? I'm interested in the intrusions you talk
> about.

I'm based in Prescott, Arizona, a small town at 6000' in the central highlands
of the state. Politically it's conservative (very!), there are a lot of veterans
here as there is a VA hospital, lots of conservative retirees. Few minorities. 
But, easy access to the Grand Canyon and many other more subtle but very classic 
western landscapes and ecosystems.

> One of the reasons I became disillusioned with Baudrillard had to do with his
>  take on the American wilderness, as if the wild, instead of the grace of
> life-forms in somewhat balance, was just lawless -

I don't know, but I suspect that Baudrillard never walked (alone) in these
landscapes or spent much time, had no familiarity with them, their wide 
variations, rich organismic life (despite the massive human interruptions! and 
quite exotic ('empty' upon first look)...

I'd point to the Center for Land Use Interpretation (http://clui.org) for some 
absolutely superb research and creative work surrounding the military use of 
western land (among some other fine research interests). Matt Coolidge, one of 
the principles there has on-the-ground experience around this, along with the 

I did a residency with them in Wendover, UT/NV a few years back, in their 
compound that sits 50 yards from the Enola Gay hangar at the former Army Airbase 
right on the Bonneville Salt Flat ... (documentation http://tinyurl.com/krnj8ru) 
-- from that location within, say, 300 miles, there are huge numbers of 'secret' 
military-industrial installations including the new NSA data center, nerve-agent 
research/testing facilities, and on and on...

It's a strange phenomena, the proliferation of sites starting in WWII and 
continuing extensively into the Cold War, Space Race, nuclear weapon 
development, and on and on.

so it goes...


Dr. John Hopkins, BSc, MFA, PhD
grounded on a granite batholith
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