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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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Great organization, met Coolidge I think in Utah, not quite remembering. 
People don't realize that the thin several-millimeter crust of the 
'desert' is an integral part of the biome; footprints destroy everything. 
You have to be tuned to these things - everything reverberates, resonates 
across and through organisms, minerals, etc. -

- Alan

On Wed, 9 Dec 2015, John Hopkins wrote:

> Hei Alan -
>> Where are you located exactly? I'm interested in the intrusions you talk
>> about.
> I'm based in Prescott, Arizona, a small town at 6000' in the central 
> highlands
> of the state. Politically it's conservative (very!), there are a lot of 
> veterans
> here as there is a VA hospital, lots of conservative retirees. Few 
> minorities. But, easy access to the Grand Canyon and many other more subtle 
> but very classic western landscapes and ecosystems.
>> One of the reasons I became disillusioned with Baudrillard had to do with 
>> his
>>  take on the American wilderness, as if the wild, instead of the grace of
>> life-forms in somewhat balance, was just lawless -
> I don't know, but I suspect that Baudrillard never walked (alone) in these
> landscapes or spent much time, had no familiarity with them, their wide 
> variations, rich organismic life (despite the massive human interruptions! 
> and quite exotic ('empty' upon first look)...
> I'd point to the Center for Land Use Interpretation (http://clui.org) for 
> some absolutely superb research and creative work surrounding the military 
> use of western land (among some other fine research interests). Matt 
> Coolidge, one of the principles there has on-the-ground experience around 
> this, along with the histories.
> I did a residency with them in Wendover, UT/NV a few years back, in their 
> compound that sits 50 yards from the Enola Gay hangar at the former Army 
> Airbase right on the Bonneville Salt Flat ... (documentation 
> http://tinyurl.com/krnj8ru) -- from that location within, say, 300 miles, 
> there are huge numbers of 'secret' military-industrial installations 
> including the new NSA data center, nerve-agent research/testing facilities, 
> and on and on...
> It's a strange phenomena, the proliferation of sites starting in WWII and 
> continuing extensively into the Cold War, Space Race, nuclear weapon 
> development, and on and on.
> so it goes...
> jh
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