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Hi Marc,

This may be a bit commercial, but Marc Canter, the creator of Macromind, later Macromedia, later bought out by Adobe, invented the software Director (replacing Hypercard), which in its day (late 1980s), was one of the first commercially available “Artware” applications for creating digital multimedia. There is an article by Marc in my book, Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality, and here is an excerpt from the book’s Website:

Authoring software should aim to  shorten the feedback loop between the computer and the user –  between the idea itself and its actualization. The overall outcome  is a more direct connection to creativity for the user.” – Marc Canter

At the core of his approach was a notational system  that looks quite similar to a musical score, an intuitive format  that could be used easily by the artist. Canter saw the digital  artist of the future as a "composer" of all forms of media,  orchestrating fragments of graphics, animation, text, and sound,  into a single artwork. His predisposition towards theater and  music belies Canter's roots in live performance, and reinforces  his vision that desktop multimedia would evolve into the digital  Gesamtkunstwerk. 



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Hi all, a question...

 I'm currently writing about 'Artware', for my PhD and this (of course) includes Furtherfield's own particular networked in praxis projects, but I especially wanted to include other historic examples. 

If you have any texts that discuss the term or give artistic examples that are accessible -- I'd love to know about them -- much thanks for your time. 

 P.S. And yes, I do have a link to Saul's text written on the subject in 99 

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