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Dear thanks for your answer. When I was much younger I believed in “just wars” and was jailed four years for belonging to the Tupamaros guerilla, you must know about it since Baader-Meinhof  had Tupamaros as inspiration 😊
It  was an armed gerilla and to my disclaim I can say today I was only 19 years old, new examinated from a very stern German nun’s school I had a highly romantized image of Che Guevara as icon and etc etc
Today I am a stern pacifist and the only resistance I understand its the Palestinian because they are occupied for a foreign power and they have right to fight for their land.


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Hi Ana, I always thought like that, I remember how my country / East Germany didn't last cause the reason to control people with violence in one place is not lasting....

This is an interesting article although half a year old, and the comments confuse me very much re FGM.

I would in any moment agree with you but if you can't even hold a territory and your choice is sex slave or combat fighter, I know what I would choose...  ? 

But then there is their revolution. There intentions, their goals..

"In the wider Middle East since the nineteenth century and before that, the female body is one of the most important symbolic battlegrounds between modernizers and reactionaries. Today, here in Syria, this fight is to death.
“The gangs of Daesh want the woman to be a slave. They don’t consider us as human beings but only as objects to serve men and to satisfy his specific needs. They ostentatiously sell women as slaves as if they were animals”. The girl I speak with is Nupelda, 20 years old and serves in a mobile company of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) on the front line. This is the army of women in the autonomous administration of Rojava, fighting side by side with men in the YPG. Both forces are under the control and command of PYD. Nupelda has been fighting for two years now."
I am thinking how to call for solidarity for Rojava revolution and eventually lift of PKK ban in EU...
just thoughts...

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On 9 Dec 2015, at 01:59, Ana Valdés <agora158 at gmail.com> wrote:
I was as many of you know at the conference of Women in Black in India. Women from Afghanistan Congo Bosnia and Armenia shared with us dark stories of rape forced marriages and impunity we need to strengthen the civil societies the question is how to achieve it? If the changes are made with weapons and soldiers (female or male), we are always prisoners of the weapons and wars as metaphors...
Den 6 dec 2015 08:11 skrev "AGF poemproducer" <agf at poemproducer.com>:

I spent last days reading and studying the kurdish female fighters and their efforts to built an independent equal and just state in north east syria… i am a pacifist in my deepest structure but have been challanged and confused by what is happening there… if you need to read up look for hashtags #Rojava

any thoughts ?

(i find this article a good sum up)


"I recently spoke to someone from the Kurdish women’s movement in Rojava and asked what they need most. She said they need a massive international solidarity campaign, beginning with political education about the evolution of the PKK and its politics, including its emphasis on democratic governance, anti-sectarianism, secularism, ecology, and women’s liberation. In practical terms, they need all possible international pressure to be put on Turkey and the KRG to end the embargo and let supplies through. They need the terrorist designation to be lifted so they can travel and raise money and do public speaking."

some more…



maybe this is also a good thing/ althought americans all over this, but maybe for the right reasons for a change


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