[NetBehaviour] shred rababa

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 16 06:58:12 CET 2015

shred rababa


so waking up and then waking up and crawling over to it
then attaching to it and turning in the sense of existence
and existence attaching to it then played shred rababa
pushing the sound then pushing the sound out then pushing
then pushing the sound in then pushing the sound then in
pushing it in then pushing it all the way fall in well
fall all the way down to it fall into well and sounding
then water sounding the way down reading screams some
hollering then falling into existence turning or revolving
then faint almost falling over catching then revolving

"One important such verb is VRT (I VARTATE), literally
'turn, revolve,' ('turn' in transitive sense is expressed
by the causative VARTAYATI). It is common in such
meanings as 'proceed, be current' and thus often trans-
ates 'be, exist' in an 'active' as opposed to a stative
sense, particularly where the subject is an abstract
noun. [...] [Oh, repulsiveness is going on in front:]
What ghastliness is before me!" - from Sanskrit: An
Introduction to the Classical Language, Michael Coulson,
1992, p. 133 (caps mine).

then revolving, what ghastliness, then the WELL OF
SOUNDS AND EXISTENCE faint some hollering drumming

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