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congratulations roger :)

On 15/12/15 10:25 48PM, Roger Mills wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> A bit of shameless promotion here but I would like to flag that my duo
> nada, with fellow Ethernet Orchestra collaborator Hervé Perez, have
> just released our debut album Mirror Image yesterday on the London
> based Linear Obsessional Recordings. 
> It was recorded in Germany last December as part of the Club Instabil
> event in Braunschweig that Hervé and I had been invited to perform at.
> It was also the first time that we had met in person after years of
> playing together online, and I think it reflects the maturity of the
> creative relationship we had developed over the network. 
> So, if you fancy a festive season punctuated by a little bit of
> challenging free improvisation you can stream or download for free
> from  https://linearobsessional.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-image
> <fromhttps://linearobsessional.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-image>
> As always we welcome any comments or feedback
> Have a great break and best wishes for the new year !
> Roger
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