[NetBehaviour] barbara ellen, mickiewicz 'frankie says freilachs' remix

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 21 18:00:24 CET 2015

That's very kind of you Ruth!  

It's sort of related to the set of remixes/remix videos I started making in 2011. I've just completed two more of the original 12 and they're up ( including the one you posted) , as part of a playlist, here:


wishing everyone a very pleasant festive season

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 Subject: [NetBehaviour] barbara ellen, mickiewicz 'frankie says freilachs' remix
 I think I did not see this, by Michael, on Netbehaviour- perhaps because of the ongoing problems some yahoo people are having posting to the list : /
 But It's too glorious not to share
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