[NetBehaviour] pulsion

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Dec 22 17:12:30 CET 2015



running guqin illusion of sexual repulsion| expulsion rhizomatic
surface to skin smeared with effluvia, desire,integral organism,
just as purification and may be"frontiers" "expulsions". While
the mirror fractures bounces, opens "jectivity" - projection
introjection incorporation 'Trickling' 'evacuating' reference
abject expulsion; they countenance The compulsion has coupled
necessity, this was a like midst -- purifications expulsions
...instructor for sorcery, from real hysteria brought about by
neurotic which cannot Expulsion/Prediction Feeling Sensor
Impulsion in Waves Electromagnetism Synergy Fifth, feet,
repetition avatars or no part tion, Gerry all beginning. I felt
organs, my useless penis covered white milk. NOR B, GOTO NOT
BOTH A AND generators Expulsion that tend Quoting Mirror: set
pattern Repetpetition Compulspulsion 'natural' freak held onto
Wryting spews through fantasy, obsessive thinking, You might say
these works are ones _constant impulsion_ not _the_ thought,
neitherness expulsion. abjection/expulsion, purity danger but
here: weapon addressing. splattered spotted mumbled. debris;
fetish male- its dual. But also expulsions, abjections,
avoidances, their retentions, immersions penetrations type into
night; it's compulsion; obsession, forms breath vacuum
annihilation, last final bring down force majeure, an
"irresistible compulsion" within sive return again regime
exhaustion, collapse combines language formation, air (re:
Damaged Life: Someone Dies, come form _injection_ downed sites
become _expulsions._ against compulsion. i'd see bush speak
spell rite will exhaustion compulsion, if don't feel I've
completed work day perhaps wryting narrative gap addictive one,
cocks exfoliation wrytings nostalgias noh wrything emanents
cyberspace dead. his ruins world. i ugly defuge refuge refuse
defuse: "r.d/fu/g.s/e:" writing words over again. effacement /
sublimation repression incest scapegoat what differentiates
peculiar passivity accompanies it, supine body, fragility
exposed underbelly. disint any other death, write, sexu doesn't
even recognize lack food, sounds ectoplasm sexualizations
incorporations peerings cyber ectoplasms, emanants, emanations.
Again it well elaboration: operates on epistemological
ontological dichotomy described re: kristeva, douglas, etc.
organisms channels flows; flows channel, flow. emanent. else.
have leave mark everywhere. cura offline epitaph runs by. As
granite carved letters. ethernet everglades everywhen exe
exhibitionism experientials extasis extensivity exteriority
write = indexical sexualizes Edenic it. drug addiction obsession
externality carries memory blood? red mist. nikuko am blinded
sun. air, gone awry. remonstrance speech, bringing forward world
itself. Inhal- what's expelled. wants purified caliphate
believers; expulsion, cloaca monitors, men, x-rays, grid plates
laid out internal dimensionality particle. rounding they're up.
incoherency physicality ecologies phantasm performativity
woundatar indexicality eyes stayin effluvia feeling you're
seduced followed relation several generations, Hungary
Lithuania, Just water seeks lower level, so does seek ligaments
ten- future; more than announcement, forecloses gathered
shamanistic male, gathering males, points greek crisis worsens
puerto ges around teeth, eventual hardly memory, something order
repetition-compulsion, eously passive generating; rectangle
looms. do need idea annihilation illumination awry first, ends
sad lonely decree incarnate_ primacy verge associate _speech_
_expulsion,_ last? wrytes exculpation absolution register
ingestion, evacuation impulsion. roils. There 'five tension
illness, rectify, likewise yield voice sound, interjection
expulsion: listen demons three movements, we hope lungs. makes
difference. he's neither nor B signifiers building blocks logic.
propo- repeat, essential; diary, anne memory; stood
neurotic-obses- mirror-stage which, problematically _on
neurotic-obsessive transforms, every nothing speaks directly
noticing reality always _pulsion_ drive. In situations
hacking/wounding, there often nowhere implied "neither B" wood
weather, element effacement/sublimation/repression
incest/expulsion/scapegoat possibility other, love, anything
drives, pulsion. present Now New York, appear expelled presence,
primeval, drawn problematically, projecting caves, caves pulsion
inconceivable affect, inscription, chattered pulsion, basically
(not haven't vibration comes leaves fits. Hard reconcile
repetition, mad, driven s/ms 'drives' 'impulsions'
'neutralities': submergences, emerg- terminal guarantee source
encoding Limit noise, there's swollen distended belly tumescent
trashed bone saying effusions electricks emanants emanent lips,
social erects divine command. Hatreds, are. Certainly
repulsions. Of useful metaphors (the dual Sheffer stroke
expulsion) landscape, floating-debris signifier's gates
passenger airport, tic problematic:inscription: she tions,
potential wells, electronic mechanical devices, kind family went
back elimination, cloacal cathecting investment isn't towards
problematic nomadicism turn operative health (reproducing sake
repulsion) violent virtue appears primary although written
visibility great expulsions. visibility. oeuvre ? hardly here ?

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