[NetBehaviour] Fog <Script> | Random protest genetaror

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Dec 28 01:06:40 CET 2015

On 26/12/15 03:12 AM, mario santamaria wrote:
> Dear List,
> ++ The fog machine is running… ++
> The new Public Safety Act in Spain (Gag Law) limits the right of protest
> and demonstration. It also punishes the communication and dissemination
> of unauthorized protests.
> "Fog <Script> <http://mariosantamaria.net/Fog-Script/>" generates and
> disseminates protests in public places. The system produces random calls
> and posts on social networks without the intervention of any individuals
> or legal entities.

This is awesome, although I suspect that either the author or the person
who types the command to start the script will end up being the subject
of interest from the authorities.

I've an unfinished article on using Chaos Monkey and other devops
technologies in (amongst other things) political activism. This is a
great example of how software reducing the cost of a process and making
it automatically reproducible can be of use outside the server room.

- Rob.

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