[NetBehaviour] Live coding: conference, journal and algoraves

alex alex at slab.org
Thu Feb 5 10:16:37 CET 2015

Dear all,

Some news from the world of live coding:

First International Conference on Live Coding, 13-15th July 2015

Three day conference, with peer reviewed talks and performances.

Call for performances deadline: 16th February 2015
Call for papers deadline: 1st March 2015

Parallel call for special issue on live coding of the International
Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media, abstract deadline 15th
September 2015:

Also, dance to algorithms at the following upcoming Northern algoraves:

20th Feb 2015, Electric Spring, Huddersfield
Shelly Knotts, Sick Lincoln, Norah Lorway, and Yaxu

14th March 2015, Old Police House, Gateshead
Alo Allik, Ballotts, Joanne, Mariam, Sean Cotterill, Section_9, Sick
Lincoln, Tim Shaw, Yeah You, and Miss Blueberry

20th March 2015, Computer Club at Access Space, Sheffield
Lil Data, Canute, Norah Lorway + residents Hanal and Sheffield Bleep

More algorave events: http://algorave.com/

For the latest news on live coding, visit http://toplap.org/

More more information about live coding research, visit:


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