[NetBehaviour] Failure and Geology

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 8 04:34:17 CET 2015

Failure and Geology

1. Geology:


geogeo loops; this is a collection of snow/fossil/
morphology images including dunes, ripples, cuts,
traces, tracks, collapses, cliff-faces, moraine,
strata, occlusions, trace-fossils, micro-biomes,
canyons, mesas, the speed-up of gelogical time,
sudden (in terms of geological time) appearance of
mineral formations, weathering and erosion. the
sites are difficult to document; they exist as if
momentarily at best, and require night-shooting,
mostly without flash, to clearly delineate the
forms. while this landscape is evanescent, humans
within it are increasingly so. the world is tenuous
but at least for aeons, minerals remain, including
the evidence for graupel in some of the images.

2. Failure:


I realized my talk last night ignore the most obvious
characteristic of the terror/virtual world/ISIS videos: that the
videos themselves are failures, that their creation was also a
bridge over anguish, they they are not of descent or collapse,
but signs of unutterability at best. Nothing can approach
cessation of annihilation: what ceases, on the far side, no
longer exists (or exists only within the contractual, wills and
codicils, memories of forms already, like snow-ice geology, not
under, but within the sign (itself decaying) of erasure. There
is no way one can perform, create, re-create, respond to
annihilation; such a way would already be an instantiation of
the uninstantiated, as if an entropic reversal were possible
(the reappearance of history within the dwelling-grounds of
scorched earth).

I am giving a presentation at WorkHack in New York, February 20,
and there I will talk through this, which is a talking-around,
not of course, or off course, within.

failure in my writings:
      600    7416   55915
success in my writings:
      435    7920   70604

More failure than success.

The condensation of failure in my writings:
[In the midst of this: my lists of failure]:

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