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most coolsville ever ....

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> "*>>Beginnings: A Library, An ‘A’ and a ‘B’*
> When I was in my late primary school years, I was shunted into an
> accelerated reading program. This program was designed for kids who had
> either outpaced their schoolmates in terms of reading ability, or who
> whizzed through books [while still comprehending them] at a voracious rate.
> As part of this program it was decided that I should be given special
> privileges in order to join the primary public library. I was to be allowed
> to borrow books intended for adult consumption.
> When the day arrived to venture into ‘The Proper Library’ [as I’d
> internally labelled it] I was determined to prove that I was just as mature
> as the adults with whom I’d soon share borrowing privileges. I ventured
> into the library foyer solo, with no adult chaperone. As I marched along
> the hallway past ‘The Children’s Library’, the thought hit me: I had no
> idea how to navigate this place. As I reached the front desk, my card was
> prepared and waiting, but [probably due to understaffing] there were no
> adults to show me the ropes. So, being the somewhat timid but determined
> youngster I was, I marched directly between the first shelves of books I
> saw. I had no idea what category of books huddled there.
> I *was* aware [thankfully] of how books were organised in a library
> setting. I knew that if I selected the first book on the top row, it would
> be by an author starting with A. And so I grabbed the first three books
> located there [that I could reach], all by an author I hadn’t ever heard
> of: Brian Aldiss.
> The section I had stumbled into was Science Fiction.
> This simple act of selecting those books [written in a genre that would
> soon become an enduring favourite] shifted something. My life trajectory
> tilted. The tilt was subtle, but enough to make me realise that *this* was
> the way to tackle life: head on, by marching into the hiccoughing unknown
> with some type of fantastical accompaniment...
> <http://cordite.org.au/essays/sidestepping-the-known/>"
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