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On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 8:17 AM, Edward Picot <edward at edwardpicot.com>

> Very interesting about how an early formative experience of reading can
> have such a profound effect on your intellectual direction, and in fact on
> the whole direction of your life. It would make a good subject for an
> online project: get people to send in their recollections of how they first
> started to read. Experiences of libraries would be particularly
> interesting, as we're now in an age where libraries are being closed down
> or starved of funding in order to save money.

You should do it Edward! Sounds like a great proj [I'm way over-committed
projectwise as it is, unfortunately].

> The library in Hoddesdon, the nearest town to where I grew up, was a good
> one, an old-fashioned building with the children's section upstairs, with
> clonky wooden floors and nice wide white-painted window-sills where you
> could sit comfortably to read.

Sounds lovely.

> Even more influential for me, however, was a bookshop called The Bookworm
> in Hertford, where I bought my collections of C S Lewis, Alan Garner, Henry
> Treece - anything with either magic or swordfights in it, preferably both -
> and later on Penguin Classics and Modern Classics.

C S Lewis! "The Last Battle"!

> I think I was profoundly affected by the design of books. As a boy I was
> always drawn to books with illustrations that I liked, and when I got older
> it was the look of Penguin books that particularly attracted me to them. I
> resisted things like Faber and Everyman for years because I didn't like the
> way they were designed.

Interesting, and insightful.


> - Edward
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