[NetBehaviour] cohere

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Feb 20 01:29:12 CET 2015



anticipatory virtuality - it's never too late to rejoin,
suture, the avatar body - it's never too late to project
into and among the body, both performers gathering, both
glued to the body, the screen - it's never too late for
the performance - of the body, through the body, among
those for whom the body is a singularity, a skein a
network - there's always enough time - there would have
been enough time - three's always the anticipatory - i
move and you move - the body comes to greet us -

again, thanks to everyone -

thanks to Mark Swarek, who organized, produced,
documented, and participated in this event;
thanks to Javier Molina, who ran the mocap;
thanks to performers Kenny Tan and Joseph Xin;
thanks to Azure Carter, who documented and
participated in this event, produced at NYU's
motion capture studio in Brooklyn.

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