[NetBehaviour] call to virtual exhibition - deadline extended

Suzon Fuks suzon at water-wheel.net
Fri Feb 20 08:01:44 CET 2015

Hi all!

I'd like to inform you that the deadline for submitting works to the
virtual exhibition "HOT WATER ­ Water, Peace & War" has been extended to
the 14 March 2015.
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Artists, scientists, activists, teachers, youth are invited to upload
videos, digital postcards, poems or texts on the theme of ³HOT WATER²:
climate change, environmental decline, rights violations, volatile
politics and conflict about water.
INFO http://bit.ly/HOT-WATER

Please consider contributing and share far and wide

Cheers from rainy Brisbane (under the influence of Cyclone Marcia)

Waterwheel, Make and Share about Water

The English expression ³To be in HOT WATER² means to be in trouble.
Currently, climate change, environmental decline, rights violations,
volatile politics and conflict all suggest ³HOT WATER².
Water is a fundamental element for all beings on Earth. A symbol of life
and a ³common good² which should be available to all, water is quickly
becoming a commodity to some, and often taken as hostage in conflicts to
besiege and displace populations. Corporates, governments, and industries
such as mining and tourism use it for their own short-term benefits,
depriving people ­ especially Indigenous people and farmers ­ of their
rights, causing pollution, threatening health and the environment, and
compromising long-term water management.

How can art, science, design, and activism reinstate the social, cultural
and environmental value of water?
How can we share the responsibility of water in a positive way?
How can we all preserve the right of access to water?
How can intergenerational knowledge-sharing get us out of ³HOT WATER², end
conflict and find peace?

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English: http://bit.ly/HOT-WATER
Español: http://bit.ly/AGUAS-TURBULENTAS
Français: http://bit.ly/EAU-TROUBLE
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