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some news from this part of the world ----

The Polytechnic Museum in Moscow announces 2015 start of the Polytech.Science.Art program. New season of the Polytechnic Museum’s program Polytech.Science.Art will open with the Biosemiotics workshop by artist Michał Brzezinski (Poland) at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Within Polytech.Science.Art program in 2015, Polytechnic Museum continues to constitute the platform for experimental and innovation activities related to science and technology art. The Polytechnic Museum’s program Polytech.Science.Art curated by Natalia Fuchs is an interdisciplinary collaboration, an intensive exchange between media artists and curators, technology specialists and scientists from different countries; commission of new artworks.  

In 2015, Polytech.Science.Art program is made up of two series of workshops featuring distinguished international experts in science and technology art. The program’s workshops are available for all the applicants preselected for each event. The program results will be presented at the new annual international festival Polytech.Science.Art Week in Moscow, sided by the final exhibition of the new artworks commissioned by Polytech.Science.Art at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in December, 2015. 

Details on the Polytech.Science.Art program workshops:

On March 11, 2015, bioartist and futurologist Michał Brzezinski (Poland) launches his workshop on biosemiotics of plants, the study researching sign systems of plants and other living organisms.

On April 14-16, 2015, media artist and industrial designer Ale de la Puente (Mexico) runs her workshop in Moscow. Ale studies quantum physics and collaborates with National Institute of Astronomy in Mexico City, she was one of the first participants of the CERN art&science residence.

In May, 2015, the Polytechnic Museum welcomes Peter Kirn, the founder of CDM / CreateDigitalMusic, PhD Candidate in Music Composition at The City University of New York Graduate Center. 

In September, 2015, Mico Rex (Mexico) open their workshop for sound artists and programmers. They study algorithmic music and its visualization, work with Supercollider technology.

The workshops by Peter Kirn and Mico Rex are organized in partnership with the MIGZ International Festival of Contemporary Music and Media Art.

In October, 2015, artist and researcher in anthropology and ecology, postgraduate student of the Cognitive Neuroscience and Media Arts at Duke University Pinar Yoldas (Turkey) runs her workshop “Ecosystem of Excess”.

In November, 2015, artist of Belgian descent Pascale Pollier-Green gives an insight into the intersection between modern medicine, art and technology. Pascale is the founder of BIOMAB (Biological and Medical Art in Belgium), and the president of the European Association of Medical and Scientific Illustration.

Apart from the creative workshops and the final international Polytech.Science.Art Week in December 2015, the Polytech.Science.Art program will feature the special summer session at the Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design dedicated to the Russian-French collaboration in science and technology art. The special project Sound & Vision by the Polytech.Science.Art program and California College of the Arts will be presented at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art as well, scheduled to feature Genesis P-Orridge, Brian Eno and Kim Gordon. 

For reference:
Polytech.Science.Art is an experimental program by the polytechnic Museum, dedicated  dedicated to one of the most significant phenomena of contemporary culture — interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and engineers. In 2014, the Polytech.Science.Art program featured a number of workshops illustrating practical interaction between technology and art in the today’s world. During 2014, the participants were learning hacktivism and avant-garde media with Danja Vasiliev (Russia/Germany); identified themselves within the interactive environment guided by Sonia Cillari (Italy); applied methods of augmented reality to the urban spaces directed by Arturo Castro (Spain); learned about fibertronics and made an interactive map of Moscow on e-textile enabling microcomputers and sensors together with Artemis Papageorgiou (Greece); visualized their own brain signals using neural interfaces with Enzo Varriale (Italy) and explored sonic environment at the improvised laboratory by Aalborg University (Denmark). The results of the program’s first year were presented within the Polytech.Science.Art Week at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in December, 2014. The final exhibition Hopscotch displayed seven pieces created during the creative workshops of the Polytech.Science.Art program.

Polytech.Science.Art program curator – Natalia Fuchs, art historian (Media Art Histories, Donau Universität) and cultural management expert (Cultural Management, University of Manchester).

See the program details: psa.polymus.ru

My warmest regards from Moscow,
Natalia Fuchs / Наталья Фукс

Interdisciplinary Projects Curator / Куратор

Polytech.Science.Art: Наука.Искусство.Технологии 

Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia
Cell: +79104320152
http://www.polymus.ru; http://psa.polymus.ru


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