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Wed Jul 1 23:01:01 CEST 2015

Hi Randall,

I can't speak for Bjorn of course, but the festival has fascinated me -

1. The idea of a rupture in a regular grid (whether adding an additional 
second or repeating one - in either case, the gap, split, slit is the 
same); this relates to the difference between cosmological and logical 

2. The idea of a one-second festival, and a festival, at that, which 
occurs only online, therefore gridded with Internet time and its absolute 

3. The idea of failure in a festival which can in fact only show one work 
during the second, the rest archived; and the idea of failure in atomic 
clocks which in their very regularity opened up the split or gap for the 

4. The idea of the festival as a tuning between UTC and other zones (and 
David Clark in Halifax has created AR work dealing with the very creation 
of time zones themselves);

5. Finally the most recent festival I've been involved in, IRQ3 at Brown 
(and they won't have me again), had surface and depressing, agonizing 
politics, while the one second festival is too short for any such 

6. And I'm fascinated personally with the distinction between a "pure" 
structure (Kristeva's clean and proper body, which also underlies the 
digital/quantum domain with its potential wells etc.), and a show which 
operates on what might appear to be the corruption of that structure -

- which is mirrored, I think, in the resulting videos before and after the 
second, documenting the entire event and its submissions, and which should 
be available to anyone through an archive.

This is remniscent of another event, operating on a different sort of 
interstice, Jorge Rojas' Low Lives festival, for example at 
http://lowlives.net/home/news/ ; DVDs were released as a result.

- Alan

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