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Hi, the video documentation is an hour, the exact leap second is in
the middle, around 28:00, here's a link to the moment
It's not that the event was spectacular or meant to be, it was as much
an anti-event of a blank screen disrupted by flashes of one second
works, though partly with some electro-acoustic background sound that
somehow points to the underlying issues (that's how i thought about it
at least in execution).

It's an impossible, absurd situation, from the ground up. The 'now' of
the internet is buffered and negotiated through the network layers,
the leap second being a gap in the first place, secondly for the delay
inherent in any feed, so even this 'pure' moment had to be
re-created/simulated/faked, -- probably as any sense of  now and
presence is already mediated in consciousness - the idea of a pure
consciousness, in my mind (sic), is a simulation we self-suggest to it
- it's all a dream (though i believe there are layers also here, one
might 'wake up' to a certain degree, and this might be an 'explosive'
event, or a core dump, a default that outputs its erroneous structure)
-- so I recreated a one second video that contained all the works and
sounds, which in effect displays the opposite of any summation of
events, but rather an entropic substraction and equilibration (as the
paradox of the enlightened mind maybe - is it in peace or in action?
and what is then the present, the now? i think of this along the lines
of u.g. krishnamurti, a calamity, one might be better off forgetting
the whole thing, any consciousness of this kind will be a re-creation
leading you further away into entropy instead). For me, the event is
also about this impossible situation.

Thanks for your thoughts,

PS. I haven't thought much about the event as 'compression' though,
more the other way around, a crack that is expanding, a rupture that

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 1:08 PM, Randall Packer <rpacker at zakros.com> wrote:
> Hi Bjørn, thanks for the thoughtful explanation, which I suspected would
> take longer than a second. ;)
> The idea of compression into the ever-present-present of now is indeed an
> interesting idea, an idea that is fundamental to our short-attention-span
> intake of media. I think what through me off was the video documentation of
> the project, which didn’t reveal (I believe) that glorious explosion of
> compression you describe. Is it possible to see that (again)?
> Best, Randall
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> Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] ONE SECOND LEAP FESTIVAL _ LOOK NOW
> Hi Randall,
> For me, a responsible for this second, it's partly about technological time
> - the leap second is a product of our technology, and our dependency on it.
> What time do we live in, how do we measure ourselves, does a "day" have
> something to do with the earth, or rather with atoms? There's an
> enstrangement here, in the sense of a technological other, cracks in the
> production of time, comparable to a glitch esthetic, certainly a glitch
> event on a global scale.
> Another point, the precarity of the digital - in what sense does it exist if
> it's so easily transmutable, deleted, lost, in spite of its insistent,
> prevalent massiveness (which feels like a mockery and hubris at times). In a
> way, playing back the same existential conditions onto what it proposes us,
> staging an event which is questioning itself if it's an event or not - if it
> is significant or not, or what an event is in a mediated world of concurrent
> timelines fighting for your one second of attention - because did it really
> happen if not mediated? The ambivalence has interested me, technically,
> philosophically. Unix systems doesn't implement leap seconds, from what I
> read, they just repeat the last 59th, so in that sense the event actually
> didn't take place on the website (running on unix) - one of the works of the
> festival actually investigated this through a "network performance".
> In reality the festival was broadcasting for an hour, previewing work before
> the leap second event at 23:59:60 where I tried to show all the works within
> one second - it looked and sounded like an explosion...
> - regards, Bjørn
> On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 3:23 PM, Randall Packer <rpacker at zakros.com> wrote:
>> This project totally escapes me. Alan, what is this all about? In one
>> second please. ;)
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>> >Alan Sondheim
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>> >Alan Sondheim
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>> >Live - Leap second festival 2015 - Skuddsekundfestivalen 2015
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