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Quoting Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com>:

Thanks for sharing!

Not sure the following exactly corresponds with the notion of  
comments, however:

Indeed, with money, since it requires time to deal with, eg counting  
the coins balanced on one's forehead, etc. - we lose either time, or  
money, both, and gain sensations of fear-over-freedom?

Perhaps a different way to sense these might be:

(CI) - as a Counted Intervals sense
(UCI) - as a UnCounted Intervals sense

(FFNC) - as a Fear From Not Counting sense
(FFA) - as a Freedom From Accounting sense

(FoF) - as a Fear of Freedom mix Freedom of Fear sense

(FF) - as a FearFreedom mix FreedomFear sense

<_-_> - as taking time operator

> *< - as gaining time operator

|-| - as evolutionary entropy operator

|\->|| - as evolutionary complexity operator

If - as If

? - as a ?

Now perhaps there can be these kind of streams:

> *< (CI)(FoF) ? If ? (FF)

(humm... this one is a bit dead actually.. Because of the (FF) that  
contains a mix at the end..
  Perhaps, might be more interesting if it was:

> *< (FF)(FoF) ? If ? (CI)


Now, say there is the following stream:

(FFA) |-| ? (FF) <_-_> If

Perhaps these can begin a wave?

If (CI) ? (CI)>*<(FFA) ? If (FF)(FFA) >*< ?

Though I wonder how it might be if a stream like the following one came along:

|-| ? |-| (UCI) if <_-_> ?

Perhaps this could cover the wave beginning?


Yup, Perhaps uncounted and unaccounted for breathing, may be perceived  
as an aggressive anti-social activity in a numericalised world..?

Cheers and have much summer fun!

xx x

> We're losing money with every breath we take. -
> http://portside.org/2015-07-06/culture-isn%E2%80%99t-free
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