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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jul 8 23:58:07 CEST 2015

the blues mashup for
the blues mashup for http://www.alansondheim.org/bluesfor.jpg
banjo blues http://www.alansondheim.org/banjoblues.mp3 and
http://www.alansondheim.org/blues4.jpg reds (and) blues
(painting) 48 brilliant roots yellows and blues - this is a
blues improvisation - the first music I learned was the blues -
not so much the commercial (across) reds blues nine provinces
(emperor) Yu marked hundred prefectures (utmost mightmightutmost
redsbluesinting) weremerged(painting) (ch'an,n,in
.9.128.66#ttyte#gxe# -207.nwrknj.#ttytf#p ginot.blueskystudios
/running in place foreground or in bluescreen, 1965 Was I
working through blues? Did I meet Son House? Was this the first
: You have the same thing, say, in the blues, with :cavaleri
SECRET tc maginot.blueskys Thu09AM 3days BitchX :webber w6 Al
Wilson considered me a 'city blues player' because I played
fast, but I You have the same thing, say, in the blues, with
BitchX replace your cavaleri u1 SECRET maginot.blueskys Thu09AM
3days tail Folk Festival with the blues guys. I was a city blues
player, whatever Hopkins. The blues seemed the only way out.
When I went abroad I took a Kirsty sings the blues Mexico cult
terrorizing countryside; true not. 1965 blues? meet Son House?
My own stuff. I learned the country blues from white Al Wilson,
later met SECRET :cavaleri SECRET tc maginot.blueskys Thu09AM
3days BitchX :jzk tb SECRET cavaleri u1 maginot.blueskys Thu09AM
3days tail -fn+1 ./DT.log Susie-Q sings the blues (dub) The
blues are falling down, trains at the station, baby. This is a
country blues bona fide channelling through A.W. by A.S. Thu01PM
3days -ksh Does SECRET cavaleri tc maginot.blueskys Thu09AM
3days Your wraithe dissolves my cavaleri u6 SECRET
maginot.blueskys Thu09AM across desert reputation gallops reds
blues nine provinces yu marked ah! alloping ah! eputation
(gallops) (across) ah! eds (and) blues and some kind of blues,
and because i need to stay beyond Jones' writings which were
reissued) - and I couldn't play blues; blues a paintbrush of
flooding and blood meared with it ion pew and ion blues decades
before, that this wasn't my culture, my religion, and any blues
forX blues in a way i had found inconceivable before. he made me
blues painting nine provinces emperor u marked one hundred
prefectures in blues, alan; boulevardier bassus bilabial
blessing blues bourdon singer, toward the brilliant blues in
brilliant blue taking harmony harmonics brilliant roots yellows
and blues course, post-partum conferences, conferences with the
blues, conferences dissembling. stutter, came, asleep. filigree
pillows reds blues, branded easy to play delta blues rhythms on
it, in a manner paralleling the use for everyone with the good
old banjo blues galloping reputation (gallops) (across) reds
(and) blues (painting) garbage glop boulevardier bassus bilabial
blessing blues bourdon ghstava, i will oerform in the midst of
leveled blues, in the midst of great blues and snow egrets - see
almost three hundred sixty degrees; this grutlcomp2 gui
GUITARsolo hardlybreathe2 blues abroad jaundice guitar blues
abroad jaundice played fake fingers alive leroi jones amiri
gustave, i will perform in the midst of leveled blues, in the
midst of hatedmorobviously gross oversimplification same blues
surprisede heard before, there goes a whole blues! just like
that, i wish i could i could hear electric and he called me a
city blues player, i learned blues from al wilson of canned
heat, we played together, and i picked up from blues players,
but have developed on oud, pipa, ideohydraulesis! cavaleri u1
maginot.blueskys Thu09AM 3days tail -fn+1 index of parent
directory last modified blues mpg -faq # armsore # htm intrview-
ion-pee j- j-love blues-pee bonze-suck koto dl?.1 fuckn<multicol
nipple blues starr host. interrelated neolithic kroneckerdelta
blues love." Come on and sing, come on home. "Come on home and
sing the blues to maginot.blueskys ... raag.nyr watching her
amazing cabrioles and maginot.blueskys / \ or rain murmuring in
gardens or rain falling across maginot.blueskys ferghana.nyc.acc
maginot.blueskys maginot.blueskys moving blues nlbluesp,spospssp
ptakespospwalksps spspspospandspos sppshespnlsptelsp nommmm
nommmmm bluesandblues what is duetavatargrange thewall dvd
alpals okinawablues0 okinawablues1 okinawan
oldmanmadaboutpainting onbottom on me reds and blues thrnad
ideogrammar oscillated inconceivable orbits. birth iron. rampage
blues r94aag003744.nyr maginot.blueskys
r94aag003744.nyr rampage in times with the tongues like the
blues do read Paul Oliver's Blues Fell this Morning, still the
best blues book - reds (and) blues (painting) remember. began
guitar. Hopkins. blues out. abroad jaundice played fake returns
in sonnet's blues as apple. So then the murk flaps it all! room
is maginot.blueskys ferghana.nyc.acc maginot.blueskys rounded
the sheets and pillows with darkened reds and blues, almost an
same thing, say, in the blues, with people like Patton 'between'
African season, the dark melancholy of purples and blues.
serge.dialup.acc 10:30PM 0 -bash :cavaleri tc SECRET
maginot.blueskys tease4 tease5 tease6 tenorbanjoblues
tenorbanjoopus3 tenorbanjopipa tenorbanjopipa tenorbanjoopus3
tenorbanjoblues tambura2 tambura1 the code. First the reds, then
the blues! For the life of me! to new levels & always difficult
to do new with the blues u1 maginot.blueskys Thu09AM 3days tail
-fn+1 SECRET ./DT.log :serge td what made me quit for example
'playing the blues' early on; there's a kind who joined Canned
Heat playing electric blues which wasn't my music and with
roots, delta blues, old-timey, Indonesian, raga, oud, writings
which were reissued) - and I couldn't play blues;  writings have
you can hear the blues lurking, but it's not likely -

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