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Hi Netbehaviourists,

Furtherfield are looking for new reviewers - for articles and interviews
about art, technology and social contexts relating to media art.

We feature contemporary works, projects, manifestos, exhibitions, events,
festivals, conferences and all artistic practices that engage with new
technologies, ecologies, critical thinking and social change. The ideas and
behaviours that arise in these ever expanding creative territories are most
relevant when shared, explored and cross-fertilised with those from other
areas of life - so our articles offer an extensive, critical, cultural
overview; drawing on ideas from academic, artistic and technical practices
in the context of our networked, dynamic and connected communities.

If you are interested and have already identified an artist, exhibition,
article or project you would like to review, please provide a short outline
of what you would like to write about.

If you are interested in writing but not quite sure - we can send you a
list of artists, ideas and or projects we think may be worth your
attention, as well as Furtherfield's networked community, and elsewhere.

Guidelines and Contexts.

You can also get an idea of what we are interested in by downloading this
Pdf - Reviewers Guidelines.

To upload your review have a look at Uploading your Review to Furtherfield
or download the pdf version here.

Check Features for an overview of Articles, reviews & interviews on

If you are interested in writing for Furtherfield please contact
marc.garrettATfurtherfielddotorg for more information.
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