[NetBehaviour] "I DON'T COUNT"

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Tue Jul 14 15:37:20 CEST 2015

[contributions to "I DON'T COUNT" thus far:]

undo twat cats sank sepsis we'd nerve these

<Laura Wetherington <laura.wetherington at gmail.com>>

want to free voracious vines; slick leaven aches mine tent.

<<shk <roachboy at gmail.com>>>

Want yew tree fort, hive icks even Nate.  Nightin'.

<<Bill Fisher <wwfisher at charter.net>>

son knew me four wives 'twixt heaven's gate 'n' swine pen
none drew free 'fore wives sicks given great frying pan

Allan Revich <allanr at digitalsalon.com>

"Pun chew plea core live rich women fate fine men"

<cmehrlbennett at hotmail.com>

pun pooh wee door knives licks devon plate lime pen

<<Kay Bridge tigre at yours.com>>

fun to flee explore survive mix leaven fate align amen

<<Rebecca Cunninghams hmogmv+cuti at eGroups.com>>

Run to tree flower survive sticks leaven straight spine men
stun crew spree snore jive chicks heaven bait shrine zen

<<Cecil Touchon>>

i could carve a better man out of a banana...

<<"Michael Kemp" michaelkemp738 at yahoo.co.uk>>

bun who bee fur i've sits kevin late line den

<<verity combe <vcdc at hotmail.co.uk>>

Bun thru see more live sex livin ate fine men

<<mattaggart at yahoo.com mattaggart>>

bone thought trees fort fire sox semen weight nike teen

<<"Ignacio Perez Perez" unapalabra at gmail.com>>

nun too sees raw hide bricks Devon saint pine hen

really, it happened.

<<"alice k" idiot237 at yahoo.co.uk>>

pun poo pee poor deprive picks prison plate pine pen

<<jeanette leuers basil de roche <bderoche at gmail.com>>

Hun who flees for live mix leaven weight sine pen

<<James Morris <james at JWM-ART.NET>>

Under sea for live kicks, Evan ate briny hen

(If a mix of languages is allowed? Suppose could be 'One to flee for . .)

<<Adrienne Pye>>

cold as
snow maidens
all you fluxers out

<<Don E Boyd <doneboyd at gmail.com>>

on the dry fury fob soaks sabina eyeshade neon townee
aum tea thoreau fair fib skag spin exit noun theme
own diet toyer frow fab shows soybean eased no tuna
omaha tahoe tarawa faure faff savanna echoed nemea tomowa
        another forfeit succeed vain at night end

<<noemata <noemata at gmail.com>>

stun glue she tore live dicks heaven's gate time rends
stun glue pee door live decks heaving plate grime den

<<JOHN BENNETT" bennett.23 at osu.edu>>

won woo wee wore wives wicks weaving weight wine when

<<"andrew topel" andrewtopel at hotmail.com>>

fun glue three store wine sacks living freight lying hand

<<"Keith Buchholz" keith9963 at sbcglobal.net>>



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (transliterate the sounds of numbers
one through ten)


won you free your jive sex heaven hates mine then

enter to win; center two sin: all entries published (lulu,
scribd, -- be sure to include your name/info with all posts
to any lists/plus bcc: bbrace at eskimo.com... best gets a
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