[NetBehaviour] besides, the city is not a tree : performance

Annie Abrahams bram.org at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 10:09:46 CEST 2015

*besides, the city is not a tree*
A performance by Martina Ruhsam & Annie Abrahams. A follow-up of our
Turbulence 2015 commission "besides, the person I am becoming"
Tonight 6pm CET.
In the frame of 6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME. <http://www.6pmyourlocaltime.com/>

In collaboration with OUDEIS <http://www.oudeis.fr>, laboratoire pour les
arts numériques, électroniques et médiatiques in Le Vigan, France.

*For "besides, the person I am becoming", for one month we collected text –
overheard phrases, poetry, magazine, academic citations and objects. While
preparing we decided the objects should not be personal, not be too
beautiful, as ordinary, casual, daily as possible. We wanted the objects to
act as much as the words we selected from our collection. This resulted in
what Igor Štromajer called a "theory-meditation". For "besides, the city is
not a tree" we want to try out another more narrative version of the text
collection, to speed up the rhythm and to see what meaning might arise from
such a text object layering.*

Today 6pm CET on bram.org/besides
Live documentation and reactions by OUDEIS via
Image stream at
You can join by tweeting your own reaction by using the hashtag
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