[NetBehaviour] Choose Your Muse Interview: Lynn Hershman Leeson

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Choose Your Muse Interview: Lynn Hershman Leeson.

Marc Garrett interviews Lynn Hershman Leeson artist and filmmaker, who over
the last three decades has been internationally acclaimed for her
pioneering use of new technologies and her investigations of issues that
are now recognized as key to the working of our society: identity in a time
of consumerism, privacy in a era of surveillance, interfacing of humans and
machines, and the relationship between real and virtual worlds. Modern Art
Oxford is currently hosting a major solo exhibition of her work 'Origins of
a Species, Part 2', open until 9 August 2015.

Choose Your Muse is a new series of interviews where Marc Garrett asks
emerging and established artists, curators, techies, hacktivists, activists
and theorists; practising across the fields of art, technology and social
change, how and what has inspired them, personally, artistically and

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