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Hi all,

We've been busy at being a part of, and reflecting the ever expanding and
dynamic fields of across art, technology and social change. So much has
been going on and everything feels like it's buzzing by so fast (that's
because it is).

So, every now and then, I'm going to share with the netbehaviour list,
aspects of the larger community beyond itself so that relational and varied
connections of networked community can be explored further.

So, to begin with -- here are the most recent six reviews, interviews &
articles on Furtherfield.


Choose Your Muse Interview: Lynn Hershman Leeson.
Marc Garrett interviews Lynn Hershman Leeson artist and filmmaker, who over
the last three decades has been pioneering the use of new technologies, her
investigations of issues are now recognized as key to the workings of our

Science Fiction Realism.
Erik Zepka considers the interface of science fiction ideas and
experiential realism in contemporary internet cultural practice. As part of
art production shifts towards online networks of makers. A consideration of
that content could provide hints of what ideas have become politically
relevant to the digital commons.

Choose Your Muse Interview: Jeremy Bailey.
Marc Garrett interviews Jeremy Bailey, known for his satire and parodies on
the practices of new technologies. We find out what has inspired him,
personally, artistically and culturally.

Dead Reckoning – Ellie Harrison and The Art of Austerity.
Gordon Dalton reviews High Street Casualties: Ellie Harrison's Zombie Walk,
in collaboration with Ort Gallery. Highlighting the 'creative destructive'
forces of capitalism on Birmingham's busy shopping streets.

Headed out of Beta/Picking Your Superpower.
Patrick Lichty visits this year's Augmented World Expo to find out whether
the increasingly immersive technologies of Augmented and Virtual Reality
will give us superpowers or lock us in to the whims of our technological

Massive Media: A Geology of Media book review.
J. R. Carpenter reviews Jussi Parikka’s 'A Geology of Media', the third,
final part of his media ecology-trilogy that focuses beyond machines and
technologies onto the chemistry and geological materials of media, from
metals to dust.

Remember -- you can see all the features in one place -- here:

Wishing you well.

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