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Sat Jul 25 11:59:37 CEST 2015

Artist and Computer, (1976). http://t.co/WMTPPYtxhT

The Problem of Greece is Not Only a Tragedy: It is a Lie | By John Pilger |
Dissident Voice - http://bit.ly/1CTV46O

OpenSurgery, a DIY laparoscopic surgery robot | By Regine Debatty -

Publicly funded arts bolster the UK economy, study finds | Culture | The
Guardian - http://bit.ly/1HYIwYp

Situationist Times | ccindex iw — http://bit.ly/1LDkE2z

Hail the guy who hooked up his 27-year-old Mac to the Internet -

Jacqueline De Jong’s – Situationist Times, 1962-1967 - http://bit.ly/1MsoXxM
- http://t.co/UCznCWXuNN

​Be careful out there! - http://bit.ly/1HPIvrH


Wishing you well.

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