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5 Mar - 17 May 2015.
The Act & the Tracer. Luis Guerra and Mario Santamaría.
Querungen, WKV, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany

Luis Guerra presents a sub-set from a larger project called Anarchistory of
Action (2014-2017). He conceives his practice as an ongoing process in
which the creative event and the ephemeral instant of its manifestation,
sometimes, are more important than the possible trace. As such, his works
may have not been documented or may just exist under a subtle memory, a
tale, or even as a whisper. The Act (2015) works within that condition of
the inexistent, a low degree of appearance, an abysmal deed without reason
and without justification.

Mario Santamaria bases his practice in the study of the phenomenon of the
contemporary observer. Starting from a specific historical event,
Santamaria researches about the contradictions of the transparency,
visibility and access system that the technological rhetoric seems to have
consolidated at the beginning of the 21st century. In this exhibition, he
articulates a series of items in relation to the incident occurred on
December 11, 2009, when the owning company of GeoEye1, considered the best
provider of satellite imagery at that time, recognized an irregularity in
the satellite antenna affecting their data sent to earth.

"The Act & the Tracer" is an exhibition produced by Mario Santamaria and
Luis Guerra, both visual artists based in Barcelona, living and working in
Stuttgart as stipendiaries of a new exchange studentship between Catalonia
and Baden-Württemberg, based on a cooperation between Württembergischer
Kunstverein Stuttgart, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, HANGAR Centro de
Arte and Goethe Institute Barcelona.

& The Tracer: mariosantamaria.net/the-tracer/


Mario Santamaría

Emilia Coranty 16
08018 Barcelona
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