[NetBehaviour] Call for participation: Workshop "Revisiting the SPAM folder - Using 419 fiction for interactive storytelling"

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      For an afternoon workshop at Electronic literature conference or
an afternoon workshop at ISEA 2015
      Revisiting The Spam Folder: Using 419-fiction for Interactive

*Timeslot 1*: Tuesday the 4th of August, 2pm-4:30pm at ELECTRONIC
LITERATURE CONFERENCE 2015 in Bergen, Norway.
/More info: /

*Timeslot 2*: Friday the 14th of August, 2pm-5:30pm at ISEA15 in
Vancouver, Canada. <http://isea2015.org/>

More Info:

The workshop is organized by Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman
(KairUs). www.kairus.org

Please register for the workshops by sending an email to we at kairus.org

_*Minimum 5 maximum 16 participants required for workshop. Participants
will be notified receiving more detailed information.*_


In this workshop we revisit the SPAM folder to see if there is something
valuable we can learn from there. This workshop will be offering the
participants both a theoretical and practical introduction to
interactive narratives in ‘419-fictional environments’ created by
scammers <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/419_scams> and scambaiters
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scam_baiting>. We seek to understand
different sides of online fraud and through creative storytelling
reflect on issues like online privacy, virtual representation and trust
within networks. We also draw parallels to other practices and cultures
like: gaming, transmedia storytelling and creative activism. With the
help of a ‘419fiction toolkit’ participants are introduced to tactics of
creating fictional characters and infiltrating a scammers story-world,
this to observe and interrupt their workflow. We explore how persuasive
narratives are setup, how characters are designed and how dialog is
exchanged to build trust between the acting parties. We will have a look
at how social media, various content generators and other tools are used
to orchestrate Internet fiction, creating entrance points to a story
world and spreading traces of information online. The workshop also
includes hands-on social engineering exercises to gather information
about the scam and the scammer and how this can be used to warn other
potential victims. By reflecting on scam bait experiences we enter a
discussion around the topic of interactive narration connecting to the
participants’ and their general work in this field.

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