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Fri May 8 19:40:06 CEST 2015

Apparently, someone at Vimeo reads Furtherfield.

Their Staff Blog post from yesterday, May 7:

*Don’t DIY, DIWO — a VOD case study with Anatomy of a Love Seen*

It may seem like this whole direct distribution craze is all about DIY. But
we are really in the era of DIWO (Do It With Others). From crowdfunding to
word of mouth to disseminating content, you need great partners to help get
the word out about your film or series. In this installment of our Vimeo On
Demand case study series, we'll look at how Marina Rice Bader ran a
successful direct distribution campaign for her directorial debut, Anatomy
of a Love Seen.--

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The EduAtx Alliance represents educated consumers and citizens in Austin
Texas. Dedicated to transparency and the urgent and innovative belief in
people. Among several points of focus, the alliance is dedicated to
bringing transparency to the food industry and big agriculture when it
comes to labeling of all genetically engineered foods.

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