[NetBehaviour] The General Election

Edward Picot edward at edwardpicot.com
Fri May 8 21:10:51 CEST 2015

I've got to agree with Michael. Labour tried to play the class war card 
by saying they were going after the tax-dodgers, but at the same time 
they completely bought into the 'we've got to balance the books first 
and worry about social justice later' philosophy, which is basically the 
Conservative philosophy, so it's no surprise that voters of no fixed 
conviction ended up voting Conservative. Why get your Conservative 
policies off the Labour party when you can get them straight off the 
Conservatives? Which is basically the same reason the Lib Dems got wiped 

If Labour had said 'We're going to look after the most vulnerable 
members of society properly, and if that means putting taxes up, we'll 
put taxes up' then probably they still wouldn't have won - given the 
overwhelmingly right-wing slant of most press coverage, not to mention 
Milliband's extreme lack of charisma as a leader - but at least we would 
have had a genuine alternative to vote for.

I voted Green.

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